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How to start a profitable E-commerce business at a low cost?

Are you really interested to start an E-commerce business instantly?

Let’s get started, It’s all about selling physical or digital Products over the internet.

There are few steps that need to be fulfilled.

  • Product Hunting
  • Product Sourcing
  • Store Launching

Product Hunting

The first step is to research your product category. In this online field, there is huge competition so, that’s why we need strong product research. You can find the best demanding item through different tools.

Google Trends

You can search by putting different quires and analyze search volume. Actually, you will get an idea if some keyword has constant search volume it’s there is potential demand in the market. My advice is to explore this tool.

You can find many tools for this purpose just search in Google about product Hunting Tools some of them are paid.

By the way, it’s a very vast topic mostly people stuck at that stage for a long time, but when you will explore things happen very well.


Now next step is item sourcing when you do the first step successfully, it will be easier.
For a small business just visit your local market set some percentage of profit margin with your supplier to take product pictures.
You can also purchase stock at little.
If you want to sell at an international level then definitely you need investment. But my suggestion is to start at the beginner level and get hands-on experience. There is another Dropshipping Model you can adopt.

E-commerce Store Launching

You need to focus on many other steps regarding Marketing. But now let’s discuss where You can sell.
There are many Marketplaces for this purpose.
but I recommend you to start your own online store.
Just you buy domain Hosting and develop on Woocommerce.
It’s totally free just you need to pay for Domain and Hosting.

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