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What is Freelancing? How to Start for beginners?

Do you know in 2020 due to pandemic many people start their career as a freelancer? Peoples are working from their bedroom and selling soft skills online over the internet and become self-employed.

I suppose you are a beginner who wants to start a career as a freelance worker. There are millions of peoples who are doing their jobs through the internet. To become a freelancer you need to follow the following steps.


It’s not easy to sit in front of the PC for a long time. You need to become committed and set goals to earn hundreds of dollars that will change your lifestyle. Otherwise, you will quit this field and not able to earn even a single cent.

Learn Skills

Your Dream come true in just one way that’s if you are going to learn Computer skill like Data Entry, Web Development, Graphic Designing, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, etc. There are many skills that can be learned on YouTube. You can Learn one of them and sell it over the internet.

It will take a couple of weeks, you will become an expert at skillset. Now it’s time to sell your skill set.

Join Freelance Market places

As with E-Commerce maybe you know about amazon where you can buy and sell. Similarly, there are many platforms to sell your service online. You can Sign up and big on project matches with your expertise.

Fiverr is a best platform where you can Sign up free and create Gig. After compilation of order you can withdraw your payment by using Bank account, Payoneer and online payment method.

Actually, Fiverr is not as like other traditional market places. Here is both option you can send buyer request as like a bid on other freelance market places. You can create free seven(7) gigs regarding one or different niche.

You need to you Gig SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) and make sure your gig ranked on the first page. Then a great chance to get orders. When you will Deliver your project. You will receive your payment in your Account Dashboard, Fiverr will deduct a small amount as commission other you can withdraw.

Following are a few market places where you can sign up and bid on other projects.


Go, Sign up above mentioned websites and bid on projects.

Now it’s time to learn How to Bid on projects? Lets talk about biding strategy.

Initially, when you are starting it is hard to win a project on freelance marketplaces. Again at this point, you need a strong mindset. only the way is to keep trying to win and become number one in your expertise. When you will get some reviews then you will win more projects. Never Ever Give Up.

The biding strategy should be informative and solution providing. You should talk about the solution. Mostly beginner talk about their own. You just introduce yourself in a bit and mostly you have to write about the actual solution to that problem. With the passage of time, in every part of freelance business, you will learn If you are consistent and having a mindset never Give up.

So, I hope you will be more successful in the years 2021 as a freelancer, I’ll keep sharing all other tips concerning Freelancing, Blogging, E-Commerce, and others. If you have any questions please feel free to ask anything in the comment box.

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